La Ferme de L’Auneau

Fruit tree nursery,
and Wellness.

lieu-dit L’Auneau, 36500 Buzançais, France

Our activities

Fruit tree nursery

We produce fruit trees and sell them immediately at the farm.


Take your children up for a ponyride at the lake of saint-genou.

Activities at the Farm

Discover our activities at the Farm.

Tibetan bowls

Discover the massages and relaxations by tibetan bowls.

Our story

Highlights of our farm

Our nursery is built around the values that are important to us: Respect to both humans, animals as well as the environment! Our farm is a biological farm, but on top of that we have made several choices that are important to us:

  • We sell our trees directly at the farm in order to stay in close contact with our customers.
  • Our production is entirely local and artisanal.
  • We only sell young trees of 1 year old. This maximises the good implantation of the tree at the customers.
  • We select varieties that are less sensitive to disease.
  • We use horse power to work in the nursery. Our horse Gaïa is our most faithful colleague.
  • We diversify our activities in order to maintain a family spirit. We organize horseback riding for children as well as massages and meditations.
Our story

Back to our roots

We are a couple of engineers searching for a closer contact to nature and everything in it. We try to combine ecology, wellness and animals as best as we can!

Contact information



Arnaud : +33 7 67 00 29 20
Marline : +33 7 82 27 83 86


L’Auneau, 36500 Buzançais, France