Activities at the farm

Children’s farm

Course track with the horses of the farm

Visit the farm and spend a nice moment with the family! Every child can choose an animal and take this animal on the track.

The track consists of 10 challenges to fulfill with the pony, donkey or dog. There is also some time to brush the animals afterwards.

When? Every wednesday from june till september and from 3PM till 6PM.

Price? €8 per child and the activity takes about 45 minutes.

For whom? Children from 3 till 15 years old.

No reservation required.


Group walk with the donkeys.

Join us for a walk with our 2 donkeys: Napoléon and Chouquette.

It consists in a 4km walk with the donkeys for adults. Every one who wants to can guide them for a while. At the end of the walk we spend some quality time with the donkeys.

When? Every thursday from 9.30AM till 11.30AM. From june till september.

Price: €8 per person

Reservations at +33782278386


Tibetal bowl meditation amongst the horses

Enjoy a deep relaxation thanks to the tibetan bowls and the horses. The vibrations will bring you in a deep meditative state. Your body will be able to relax and release all stress!


Saturdays at 10AM: 22 june, 6 july, 20 july, 10 august.

Sundays at 10AM: 30 june, 14 july, 4 and 18 august.

Price: €12

Reservations at or +337.


Pony and donkey rides

Pony and donkey rides all year long, for children.

You will find all information on the specific page: “ponyrides

Our animals


Welsh Pony


Quarter Horse






Shetland shepherd


Berry’s typical Donkey

See you soon at the Farm?